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Frequently Asked Questions

Learn all about and read the most frequently asked questions by our users.

What is all about? is a free recruiting software that makes it easier for companies to recruit and attract the best talent and makes it easier for candidates to find their dream job.

For companies

What is all about? is a free recruiting software that enables companies to manage recruitment process easily. How? By creating a personalized job board, at no cost and without any technical knowledge. They can publish all the job offers on their personalized website or enable spontaneous applications to receive the candidates CV and use it in the future.


1. What are the benefits of using for my company?

We make it easier for HR staff to manage job offers and candidates' profiles in one place. Our application is 100% free and online, so you can access and manage your job board anytime and from anywhere in the world. You can personalise your job board with your company name, domain and corporate logo and colours. In addition, your ads are distributed through the most relevant job search engines worldwide (Adzuna, SimplyHired, Trovit, Mitula, CareerJet, among others). And you can share your job listings on social networks! Learn all the benefits here.

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2. What happens to all the candidates’ data I receive?

The candidates' CV you receive, are simply not our business! We do not keep them, do not store them, do not sell them. We recommend you add a Privacy Policy to your job board, so all the candidates know what happens to their data.

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3. Where are my job offers published?

Your job offers will be published on the search engines for jobs all over the world (depending on the country/city indicated in the offer). You can consult all our partners here. Do you want to be our partner? Just contact us!

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Where to start?

1. How does it work?

By creating an account on you create a website for your company available at: where all the job offers are published and where the applicants can apply. You can manage your website, job offers and the candidates profiles in your backoffice available at All the access data will be send to you via e-mail provided during the registration.

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2. How do I sign up for a job board?

To get your own job board you just have to go to our website and provide us with your name, email address, company name and choose a name for your job board that will be visible later in the website address: Once you have it, just click on “start” button and start posting your job offers! Remember that by signing up to our service you agree to our terms & conditions and privacy policy.

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3. How do I access my job board?

Once you sign up for our services, you will receive an email with your access data - username and password. Please keep it safe and private! You can access your job board from

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4. What is a dashboard?

A dashboard is a place for an administrator to manage the job board. You can access it from using your username and password. We have placed several tips in your dashboard for you so you can easily make the best use of it!

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5. How do I get my password back?

Don’t worry, it happens to all of us from time to time! If you have forgotten your password, just go to, introduce your email and click “Get new password”. You will receive an email - just follow the instructions.

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6. How do I change my password?

You can change your password by going to your dashboard → Settings. Type your current password and then introduce the new one. You will have to repeat the password in order to make sure it is correct.

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7. How do I change my email address?

You can change your email address by going to your dashboard → Settings. Change it by typing a new email address in "Contact e-mail".

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8. How to recover access data to your corporate job board?

To recover access data to your job board, go to and click on “Forgot password”. Introduce the email address you gave during the registration. You will be sent a new password in a while. Just follow the instructions.

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9. Can I change the language of my account?

Once created, it’s not possible to change the language of your account so far. However, you might contact us anytime and if necessary, we will get that done for you without any problems.

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How to personalise my job board?

1. How to change my job board’s url address?

By default you are given a chosen domain at that cannot be changed.

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2. How to change my job board’s name?

Whereas url address cannot be changed, you can edit your job board’s name in Settings → General Settings → Company Name. Remember to save all the changes.

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3. How can I add corporate information to my job board?

To add information about your company go to your dashboard → Pages. There you will see all the static pages related to your job board. By default, you will only see the “About us” page. You can edit the information, view the page or delete it.

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4. How do I add/edit/delete static pages?

To add information about your company, e.g., edit legal policy or add any other static page, go to your dashboard → Pages. There you will see all the static pages you’ve created. You can easily edit them or create a new one by clicking on “Add new”.

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5. How can I personalise my job board?

This is one of the most important parts of your job board, this is how candidates see you. You can personalise it easily by adding a logo or by changing colours or font type. Just go to your dashboard → Appearance. Choose the theme that describes you best. There are responsive themes to meet expectations of the most demanding users! On your right you can always preview all the changes before saving them.

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6. How can I change colours of my job board?

Go to your dashboard → Appearance and choose new colours for the background, links, text, sidebar background, header, etc.

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7. How can I add logo to my job board?

Go to your dashboard → Appearance and in “Logo” section click on “Change” button, pick a file from your PC and select “Upload”. Preview and/or save the changes made.

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Manage my account

1. Can I add more users to manage my account?

Of course, you can add new users! In this way, you can allow your team to manage your job board anytime. Go to your dashboard → Users → Administrators → Add new. You have two options when adding new users: Administrator (who has access to the entire admin panel) and Moderator (who can only view job offers and manage applicants). Read this tutorial on our blog for more information.

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2. How do I add a tracking code for Google Analytics?

You can add a tracking code for Google Analytics by accessing your dashboard → Settings. Copy and paste the code in “tracking ID”.

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Manage CV

1. What are the spontaneous applications?

Spontaneous applications are the candidates that contact your company even if there are no vacancies available or even if the vacancies available do not fit their profile. You can easily enable/disable it in your settings.

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2. How do I enable/disable spontaneous applications?

You can easily enable/disable spontaneous applications in your dashboard → Settings. Change it by choosing one of the following options: “Never” (disabled), “Always” (enabled) or “Only if there are no vacancies”.

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3. How to manage all the applicants?

You can view all the applicants interested in your vacancies, as well as those who apply through spontaneous applications from your dashboard → Applicants. There is a possibility to filter them to see only those who have applied for one job offer, view the list by ratings or search applicants by name or email. By clicking on a name of the applicant you can view more information about her/his profile, send them emails, add notes, etc.

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4. Can I send emails to the candidates?

Each time you change a status of the applicants, a new window will open and you will have the possibility to send the users emails directly from the dashboard. Although there will be a default text already entered, you will be able to edit the message before sending it.

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5. How to add notes to the resumes received?

While viewing a profile of an applicant you might want to add notes with some extra information or simply add comments about his/her resume. You can do so by clicking on “add note” below the resume, type it and click on Save.

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6. How to rate candidates?

It is very useful to rate candidates - this is represented as star symbol in the “Applicants” section. You can do it by accessing each of the profile and, while reading the CV, rate it with 1 to 5 stars. Afterwards, you will be able to filter the candidates that you have liked the most! There is also a possibility to add notes - learn how to do it here.

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7. How can I import candidates manually?

To add a candidate manually, you should go to your dashboard and applicants section.Click on the green button on your right “Add applicant”, fill in all the details and click on “Add”. Once you’re done, it will be added to the list of all the applicants. On our blog you might check more detailed tutorial

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8. How can I add extra questions/tests during the application?

You are able to set two types of killer questions: open questions where the users will have to introduce their answers (you will have to review all those questions and put the score yourself) and closed questions with predetermined answers (you can assign a score for them from 1 to 10 or if the applicant doesn’t meet your expectations, put “reject”). On our blog you might check more detailed tutorial.

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Manage job offers

1. Can I edit job categories?

No. This feature is not available because your job offers have to be classified following certain patterns in the search engines for classifieds. However, we know it’s important for you and we are working hard to get the best solution for you soon!

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2. How do I publish a new job offer?

You can publish a new job offer by entering to your dashboard → Vacancies → Add new. You will see the new window opens, just keep on providing all the information needed and click on “Add vacancy”. Remember that the more details you give, the more chances you have to find the best candidates.

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3. How do I edit a job offer?

You can edit all the job offers from your dashboard → Vacancies. By moving your cursor on the job title you will see the following options displayed: Edit, Delete, Block, Duplicate. Just choose the one you want and then follow the instructions.

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4. How many job offers can I publish?

You can publish as many job offers as you want to - there is no limit! All the job offers will be displayed on your job board, you can edit, delete, block, duplicate them from your dashboard → Vacancies.

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5. How to manage the job offers?

To manage all the job offers go to dashboard → Vacancies. You can edit, delete, block or duplicate the vacancies already published, add new one or filter them by: e-mail, category, region, city etc.

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6. How can I share my job offers on social media?

With you can also share your listings and recruit through social media. Install our app on your Facebook page and publish your job listings in the biggest social network. Check this tutorial for more information! Besides, when posting a job listing, you can share it through Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook. So, we doesn’t only help you disseminate your vacancies through the most relevant search engines, but you can also share and boost your recruitment on social networks.

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Extra tips

1. How to attract the best candidates with your job offers?

Learn how to benefit from all the functionalities Osclass gives you and attract the best candidates to work for your company. Learn more.

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2. Bad choices cost you money - learn how to minimize the risk related to recruitment process

Wrong choices during the recruitment process may cost you lots of money. Learn how to minimize that risk by using Osclass application for recruitment. Learn more.

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3. vs paid services

We have gathered all the information about the tools used by the recruiters, showing you how Osclass puts them all together in one free application. Learn more.

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4. Is social recruiting right for your company?

Social networks are an easy way to stay in touch with friends but have also become one of the best tools to find a job or find employees. There are many different forms and channels that your company should take into account. Learn more.

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5. How to improve efficiency of your job board?

Improve efficiency of your job board with those few tips we give you. Learn more.

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6. How to manage the applications in your job board?

Publish job offers and manage applications from your dashboard using different filters, for example: candidates’ age, sex, email address, view unread applications, interviewed, etc. Learn more.

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7. How to personalize your job board?

Your job board might be the first thing related to your company the candidates see. We give you few tips to make them stay and familiarize with your products, services and/or job offers. Learn more.

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For job seekers

What is for job seekers? is a free online software that helps candidates to connect with companies according to their interests. Job seekers can create a user profile and set job alerts to receive the latest job ads that match their interests and skills. They can also connect their profile with their favourite social network or apply to a job offer with their social profiles.

How can help me find a job? allows you to create a user profile. It will help you become visible to all companies that have created an job board. If you don’t wish your profile to the visible, you can edit it on your profile → Preferences.

My profile

1. How do I create a candidate profile?

Start being closer to your dream job by creating an account on for job seekers. Tired of typing passwords and usernames? You can join with LinkedIn, Facebook or Google accounts. You will later be able to login with these accounts. Once you’ve created your account, you can upload your picture, upload your CV or import it from Linkedin, Facebook, Google. Make sure you fill in most required fields, specially your desired employment field and your country and region, as we will sent you job suggestions based on those parameters.

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2. How can I edit my profile?

From the Edit tab, you can always change, update or add new information on your profile (picture, experience, languages, technical skills,etc.). Remember that once you’ve synchronized the information with your social profiles, you won’t be able to synchronize it again to update it. If you imported your personal info from any social media, you will have to update your information manually.

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3. Who can see my profile?

You can choose whether you want your profile to be public or not on your Preferences menu. Just go to the upper bar of your profile and click on your name → Preferences and check or uncheck the box to make your profile public or not. A public profile implies that the URL of your user profile can be found on search engines.

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4. How can I apply for a job?

There are many ways to look for your dream job. You can access “My jobs” tab on your profile. There you will find jobs that match your interests and location. Click on those ads that most interest you and follow the instructions on each case. You can also go to our jobs directory per country. At the bottom of all our pages, you can find links to the 29 country directories where is present.

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5. How can I access my profile?

You can access your profile through our website ( or by following any link on our newsletters and alerts.

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6. How do I get my password back?

If you have forgotten your password, don’t panic! You can always recover it by clicking Lost your password? on your login step and typing the e-mail address you gave in your registration.

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7. How can I change my password?

You can change your password on your Preferences menu, accessible from the top bar with your name on it.

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8. Can I change my e-mail address?

Your user profile is linked to the e-mail address given to create your account. Therefore, you cannot change the e-mail address of your profile, unless you want to create a new account with a new e-mail address.

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Job Alerts

6. How do job alerts work?

According to your interests and location, we send you those offers that best match your profile. Remember that you can add as many fields of interest as you want. You can always consult those jobs that best match your profile on “My jobs” tab.

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7. Can I apply to a job offer by sending you my CV? is an online application that helps companies to post their job listings. We don’t participate in the recruiting processes, therefore we don’t accept CV’s. For applying to the job offers you receive, you need only to click on those you’re most interested in and fill in the form in each case. Remember that to see more vacancies, you can always access My jobs in your profile.

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8. Sometimes I receive jobs that don’t match my profile, why?

We at are constantly striving to improve our system of ad categorization. However, the offers you receive can sometimes not match your interests, for many reasons. We recommend you to keep your profile updated and complete, specially the Interests section, in order to receive more accurate alerts. Companies are responsible for the information contained in their job ads. Therefore, mismatching can sometimes be caused by poor or wrong information on their ads. Meanwhile, we will continue driving our efforts towards a better service to ours users.

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9. I don’t wish to receive job alerts, how can I stop receiving them?

You can choose wether you wish to receive job offers from on Preferences → Notifications and by checking or unchecking the box.

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