How to avoid job scams?


It looks like you’ve finally found your dream job: high salary, related to your career and in your location- or even better, you can work from home. But you can sense there’s something fishy… Here are a couple of tips on how to spot the most common signs of job scams.

1. No experience needed. Even if you’ve just finished your degree, some kind of previous work experience will always be required, even if it’s an internship or volunteering. There’s no such thing as an “easy” job that anybody can do. As simple or repetitive as it may be, you will always need a minimum experience or skills.

2. Money asked up front. No legit job ad will ask for any kind of payment prior to getting the job. Be wary of those ads that demand any kind of monetary transaction prior to the interview

3. Non-business addresses. Don’t trust recruiters with a personal e-mail address rather than Professional and hiring managers will always ask you to contact them via their company e-mail address, from where they’ll manage the whole hiring process.  

4. Poor writing. Misspelling, orthographic errors, too many caps… Does it sound familiar? These are the most graphic and evident signs of a potential job scam. Remember that accurate writing is a sign of professionalism

5. Lack of information. Empty fields, lack of job position details (responsibilities, minimum requisites or company description). Job scams don’t usually contain much information and essential details tend to be missing.

Do you know of any other signs a job is a scam? Share them with us!

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How to nail a video interview


In our recent articles we’ve discovered video interviews as the next best thing to phone interviews and as one of the upcoming recruiting trends that will be more popular amongst recruiters.

Here are some tips and tricks for you to show your best at your next video interview.

1. Be punctual. The fact that there’s no face-to-face required does not mean you can take time slightly. Try to be prepared 15 min before your interview and use this time to check that everything is ready.

2. Plan in advance. This is a common advice for all kind of interviews but it’s especially useful in video interviews as you may have to take care of some specific aspects. Those are not only image details such as your clothes, room background or lightning but also your internet connection and your webcam and microphone settings.

3. Be natural. Contradictory as it may seem, planning in advance your interview is as essential as being natural and not giving prepared answers. Planning is key for being self-aware of your skills and strengths but spontaneity is what recruiters value the most in video interviews.

4. Be honest. Avoid lying about your resume or giving pre-cooked answers found on Glassdoor. One of the main virtues of video interviews can be your main enemy and that is candidate comparison. Video allow recruiters having all the answers saved on files, which makes it easy to compare candidates. Therefore, you don’t want to sound like a candidate robot. Recruiters seek for honesty, enthusiasm and solid content. Show your motivation and your ability to solve problems and you will be closer to recruiters’ heart.

Learn more about video interviews and be one step ahead!


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Our last Recruiting Myth: the HR training

business woman standing with her staff at conference

“Recruitment has been the same since I started my career in HR. There are few things that anybody can teach me now” False!

Even if you are not a recruitment company or consultant, it is always advisable for you and your team to invest in some HR training course from time to time. External and in-depth knowledge helps you avoid veering into a bureaucratic workflow and outlook. Besides, these courses are usually tailored to each client’s situation and professional sector, which brings you personalized assistance.

If you can’t afford an HR course or you don’t consider them useful, it is essential to, at least, stay up-to-date with the latest trends in HR. Try to follow the main HR gurus on Twitter and LinkedIn, relevant HR blogs such as Blogging4Jobs, Recruitment Buzz or Fistful of Talent (among many others), and the updates and releases of your favourite HR tools, such as (wink, wink)

So here it ends our Recruiting Myths Series, which we started one month ago. These are just our selection of myths but there are hundreds of recruiting myths out there, waiting for you to be busted  and shared with us.
Want to join the conversation on Twitter? Use #recruitmyths to tell us which recruiting myths you’ve proven to be wrong.


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Recruiting myths busted: the job description

Job in the Employment Section of Newspaper

“Job description is essential.” True! Just as the applicant CV, tailored and well-thought job description has a determinant power of attraction. This is especially important if you are a small company with discrete reputation, to which their company brand is not so powerful to attract candidates by itself.

Large companies such as Nestlé, Procter and Gamble or Microsoft don’t need to write attractive job descriptions, they are already too busy picking out hundreds of CV’s arriving daily at their HR departments. This is why such companies focus more on sifting rather than attracting candidates, as their brand is their best slogan.   

So, unless you are hiring for Google, Wall-Mart or similar ones, you should regard the job description as your calling card and use your best writing marketing techniques to make it sound appealing to your targeted candidate. If needed, try to be specific in those details that may caught your potential candidates’ eye and highlight your company’s best qualities. For example, are you hiring PHP programmers and don’t know how to stand out from the rest of ads? We know that there’s little difference among job descriptions of this kind in the hiring market so you should show your best side: avoid common features and emphasize those that make you different and could appeal to your desired candidate, e.g. point out some challenging programming languages that you are currently using, highlight special social benefits for your employees or talk about your unique company philosophy.

Want to join the conversation on Twitter? Use #recruitmyths to tell us which recruiting myths 

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Recruiting myths busted: the perfect candidate


It seems you have found your candidate winner but, wait, let’s not rush! Let’s keep searching! Sure the perfect candidate is out there…waiting for us.

False! Like in the sentimental field, the perfect match is a utopic and idealistic concept. Waiting for the perfect candidate can be dangerous and a waste of time. And, what’s even worse, by extending your recruiting process, you may be losing good candidates, as other companies may make them an offer while they’re waiting for your answer. Put yourself a deadline and try to select the best candidate amongst your favourites.
And remember, he or she doesn’t need to be perfect. There will always be someone more experienced, with better skills or educational background. If you don’t want to eternally extend your recruiting process, maybe you just need to bear in mind that “good” is enough.

So how do I make sure I am making the right decision?

  • Write an appealing job description (we’ll get to this next week) which catches the eye of your desired candidate.
  • After publishing your offer, do not just sit and wait for your applicants to respond your call. Research, compare and contrast.
  • Once you have built a talented candidate pool, go for your best bets. Pick up the phone or send them an email and narrow down your selection with maybe another interview.

You are not so far of picking up the right match for your company.

Want to join the conversation on Twitter? Use #recruitmyths to tell us which recruiting myths you’ve proven to be wrong

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Recruiting myths busted: one size fits all

handshake while job interviewing

And continuing our series of articles, here it is our second recruiting myth busted!

2. Recruiting has a one-size-fits-all approach

False! As obvious as it may seem, each recruiting process should have a personality of its own. They must be tailored according to the candidate profile and the company sector, reputation and philosophy.
To start with, interviews must be adapted to each candidate profile and experience level. Choose carefully who is going to interview your candidate. Try to be specially careful with senior candidates, which may, sometimes, require of a similar or higher level employee to carry on or assist in the job interview. Also choose wisely the selection of questions in the interview and, once again, adapt them to the candidate profile.

Are you an applicant? Here is a couple of tips! We are sure some of these may already sound you familiar.

      •  Review and tailor your CV to each job application. Try to make it look as much attractive and appropriate for the position and company as possible. Your CV may be your first impression. When writing your online CV, remember to carefully choose the words as HR managers tend to filter their search according to specific keywords.
      • Prepare the interview! It’s always better if you plan your answers beforehand and if you design the picture of yourself you want to sell, both strengths and weaknesses.

Want to join the conversation on Twitter? Use #recruitmyths to tell us which recruiting myths you’ve proven to be wrong.

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Recruiting myths series kick-off!

Being different,taking risky,bold move for success in life

“Best season for hiring is in autumn and January”, “good interviews are the definitive filter for picking up the best candidate”, “social media is the best way to attract candidates”, etc… Recognize them? They are recruiting myths. We all have heard them and we, both as recruiters and applicants, have suffered them.

Today we’re launching a series of articles dedicated to breaking some recruiting dogmas and absolute truths on hiring processes. The aim of these articles will be to give a fresh new look towards hiring and help recruiters get rid of those alleged gold rules that can sometimes dangerously constrain our field of view.

So, without further ado, here is our first recruiting myth busted:

1. Social media is the most effective way to reach candidates

Although social media has revolutionized the employee-candidate relationship, this is only true to a certain degree. Social networks such as LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter have proven to be a faster and wider approach to candidates but they are not, by far, the #1 recruiting technique. They are just a useful tool to attract talent and a great presentation, conveying the impression of transparency and honesty.
Besides, a large proportion of job openings are not online. On the one hand, online job ads can sometimes be expensive and time-consuming (not if they use Osclass, of course). On the other hand, companies increasingly rely on referrals and networking to make the best hiring decision. We are not saying that social media and online job ads should be avoided, but they should be complementary to other techniques in your recruiting process.

Want to join the conversation on Twitter? Use #recruitmyths to tell us which recruiting myths you’ve proven to be wrong!


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Recruiting trends for 2014

Business handshake

Despite employment rates still not getting a huge boost, the global economy is slowly beginning to grow. This may be a relief for job seekers, for whom 2014 may be their lucky year. With a bigger choice of applicants, companies are in need of more efficient recruiting processes. It’s no surprise that this process will focus on social media but interactivity will also be added, through video interviews, which will demand big data management from recruiters.

Whether you’re a job seeker or a company, you may want to know this years’ main recruiting trends. In 2014, social, video and efficient data management will be the keys to recruitment.

Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, etc… Recruiting has gone social. 1 in 3 job seekers use social media as they primary source for job searching. Aware of that, recruiters have developed strong social recruiting strategies. According to a People Matters research, 91% of US recruiters seek their candidates through social media. Recently, Twitter has especially become a big announcement platform for recruiters, who have been forced to innovate in order to get applicants’ attention. The power of images has led recruiters to add pictures on Twitter feeds. “As Twitter becomes more and more visual (similar to the move made by Facebook), having images associated with your tweets will (or should) help you stand out amidst the clutter.” – says HR expert Shannon Smedstad.

Shannon also predicts that the future in recruiting will also be focused on talent communities, where companies will find an engaged and specialized group of people, which will certainly make it easier to find the candidate with the desired skills and abilities.

2. Video
Video interviews are gaining more and more acceptance in lieu of traditional face-to-face interviews. Video is not only being used by companies to carry out interviews but also to advertise their own companies. Recruiting videos featuring employees and expressing the companies’ philosophy are becoming more and more popular tool for attracting new candidates.

3.Optimizing tools
With bigger data comes the need of faster and more efficient managing tools. Understanding that need, a flourishing amount of recruiting softwares have begun to offer solutions to those HR departments, who are equally seeking the perfect candidate with more time and money efficiency.

That’s our motto at Osclass, to make recruiters’ life easier by offering a 100% free and online software and helping companies create personalized job boards. And this is a win-win relationship, as efficient recruiting satisfies both recruiters and job seekers. This is our main resolution for 2014: helping companies make recruiting more efficient and introducing job seekers to those companies.

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Thank you Template Monster Blog!

Probably the best free choice for general job board – that’s how the Template Monster Blog described Osclass WordPress plugin in a recently published article on the 10 best WordPress Job Board Plugins. Providing design products for web purposes, Template Monster has the wolrd’s largest supply in website and flash templates. So, we couldn’t be much prouder of being recommended by these great guys!

templatemonster2 ninja logo

Thank you Template Monster, praises like this are our best reward!

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Boost your ads with Premium pack!

Get more visibility of your job ads with Osclass Premium Ads and you will receive three times more CVs! You can now enjoy this feature in Chile, Colombia and Mexico and it will soon be available for all our 22 countries worldwide.

See what Premium Ads will do for you:

      • Include your job ads in the most relevant job search engines around the world
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Want to start using Premium Ads now? You just have to “Add new vacancy” on your Vacancies panel and click on the “Buy now” button.

Captura de pantalla 2013-12-11 a la(s) 17.33.59

And start to receiving hundreds of CVs!

How does Osclass work?


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