Can recruiting software make recruiters life easier?

It is one of mottos to provide any recruiter with an intuitive and easy-to-manage software, regardless of their technical skills. From our point of view, recruiting software doesn’t need to be addressed solely to those profiles with some technical knowledge.  As hiring processes … Continue reading

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3 most common hiring mistakes

There is a lot of literature devoted to how candidates should behave in an interview or during the whole hiring process. But what if we take a look at the other side of the coin? Many companies fail to take … Continue reading

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New Facebook App!

Here it is, one of your most demanded features: Facebook App! Now you can add your job listings to your Facebook page and attract the best candidates. has developed the first social app that enables you to publish your job … Continue reading

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Recruitment brand: your best weapon to hire the best talent!

As we mentioned in our “Recruting myths series”, one of the main misconceptions in recruiting is the “post and pray” approach. Given the current labour market, posting a job listing and sitting and waiting for a barrage of candidates has … Continue reading

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How do recruiters find me?

Have you ever received a call or an email from an unknown recruiter and wondered how on earth did they find you? If you are a recruiter you may know how difficult is to find talent out there. And you … Continue reading

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Our last Recruiting Myth: the HR training

“Recruitment has been the same since I started my career in HR. There are few things that anybody can teach me now” False! Even if you are not a recruitment company or consultant, it is always advisable for you and … Continue reading

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Recruiting myths busted: the perfect candidate

It seems you have found your candidate winner but, wait, let’s not rush! Let’s keep searching! Sure the perfect candidate is out there…waiting for us. False! Like in the sentimental field, the perfect match is a utopic and idealistic concept. … Continue reading

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Recruiting myths series kick-off!

“Best season for hiring is in autumn and January”, “good interviews are the definitive filter for picking up the best candidate”, “social media is the best way to attract candidates”, etc… Recognize them? They are recruiting myths. We all have … Continue reading

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Recruiting trends for 2014

Despite employment rates still not getting a huge boost, the global economy is slowly beginning to grow. This may be a relief for job seekers, for whom 2014 may be their lucky year. With a bigger choice of applicants, companies … Continue reading

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