Can recruiting software make recruiters life easier?

It is one of mottos to provide any recruiter with an intuitive and easy-to-manage software, regardless of their technical skills. From our point of view, recruiting software doesn’t need to be addressed solely to those profiles with some technical knowledge.  As hiring processes tend to involve professionals from diverse backgrounds, we at believe that recruiting softwares must seek to make recruiters’ life easier; optimising their time, efforts and, foremost, their economic investment.  This is why we also aim to meet recruiters needs as we provide with a 100% free and online platform, to help maximise every part of their recruiting investment. Furthermore, the most recent researches can only confirm this fact; recruiters don’t only embrace and appreciate recruiting software, but also feel significantly benefitted from recruiting technology.

According to a recent research carried out by Software Advice, the majority of recruiters declared recruiting technology was significantly important in the daily performance of their jobs. Almost all recruiters polled for this research (approximately 100) noted they had very little difficulties learning to use recruiting software. Indeed, most of them perceived recruiting softwares as fairly easy to learn.

Importance of Recruiting Technology for High Job Performance

Source: Software Advice

In addition, of recruiters who did not use recruiting technology or software, 50 percent noted that a limited budget was an extremely significant obstacle to adoption. Executive director of Recruiting Daily, Matt Charney, noted that many recruiters think the only available free technology is social media, which can be extremely time-consuming for the uninitiated. However, there is a large variety of options available for any type of budget. We at are proud to say we are one of the few 100% free and online recruiting softwares with the same features as other payment softwares. Besides to this, we also provide our most demanding users with premium services in order to gave more visibility to job listings and improve their brand.

So, efficient and intuitive recruiting softwares are no longer a chimera. Whether you are a small start-up or a big company, you can find the most suitable recruiting technology, which will not only be easy to use but will certainly improve your key performance indicators.

Research by Software Advice:
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