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We’ve just read an article by CEO and Human Workplace founder, Liz Ryan, entitled “The five deadliest job interview mistakes” and just loved it! In plain and direct words, Liz gives great advice for job seekers on job interviews. According to this article, these are the five most common and harmful interview mistakes. Take good note!

1. Remember the basics
As typical and repetitive as it may sound, research about your future employer is a key task prior your job interview. Get informed but avoid studying and repeating the lesson like a schoolboy/girl in front of your interviewer. Try to understand the business current situation and you’ll likely answer more spontaneously and appropriately.

2. Ask!
If you do your research well, questions will pop out in your head. Don’t be afraid to ask questions related to your job position, company’s future perspectives, goals,etc. Here is a list of 10 questions to ask in an interview that may call your interviewer’s attention.

3. Electric sheep
Liz compares a job interview to a citizenship exam. Only that a job interview is just the opposite. While in the first one everybody who answers the same question to the same answer, will get the citizenship, in a job interview, just one candidate will pass “the exam”. So forget about what the user manual or the “How to pass a job interview” article says. If you stick to the script, you are bound to be forgotten after you leave the job interview.  The last thing you want is to sound like everyone else. Be yourself, stand out from the rest and leave an impression to an employer who has to remember you among a sea of tens of applicants.

4. Take it easy
Leave your fear behind. It is easier to say than to do but fear can lead you to hide your true personality, to be ashamed of who you are, even to underestimate you and feel inferior to your manager. This can lead to an image of insecurity. So take a deep breath and react like in a normal conversation, honest and confident.

5. Don’t hide!
Liz compares a job interview to a date. The point is not to please the other person but to discover how you fit together. Therefore, do not think on why should they hire you but why should you work for them.

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