Three job interviewers’ tricky questions

Job interview

Congratulations! You have been shortlisted among the fortunate ones to get an interview. Now your mind is already travelling back and forth trying to imagine which questions will pop up when you sit down in front of the job interviewer. Don’t let your fear and imagination turn the job interviewer into an inquisitor ogre. But don’t be naive. Job interviewers will not only question you about your LinkedIn profile but also will try to verify if you’re the right match for their vacancy. Feel confident, but be prepared. Here are three questions that job interviewers may use to try to trip you up. And here we tell you how – and how not – to answer these questions.

1. In what areas do you think this company can improve?
(– You’re the most perfect and flawless company I’ve ever seen. Will you marry me?)
Avoid unnecessary compliments or destructive criticism. Demonstrate that you’ve done your homework and made some research about the company and its professional sector. You can try and suggest them to open to new market areas or to try and release new features similar and better than their competitors.

2. Which is your main weakness?
( – Weakn…what? I’m sorry, that doesn’t come up in my dictionary.)
This question is obviously designed not to expect honesty but to see how candidates can come up with a smart answer on the spot. “I’m a little bit perfectionist.” It’s a classic. Try and refer to challenges you found on the past and how you turn them into success (another tricky question you may find, by the way). Explain how you achieved success by overcoming difficulties and learning from your weaknesses.

3. I see that you didn’t work for six months last year. What did you do in that time?
( – Taking some rest! I was so tired of working! )
Even if you travelled around the world, give an answer that highlights the life experience that you learned and that you could apply to this particular role.

Other tips: Beware! Some job interviewers might ask you to take a look at your social profiles. Visit your social profiles and carefully remove those pictures that could compromise you.

Do you want to share your own experience? Tell us which are the most tricky questions you have encountered in an job interview and what do you think was (or should have been) the best answer.  


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  1. owen says:

    Why do you think you are a perfect fit for this job?

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