3 most common hiring mistakes


There is a lot of literature devoted to how candidates should behave in an interview or during the whole hiring process. But what if we take a look at the other side of the coin? Many companies fail to take care of the candidate’s hiring experience. As many surveys show, a positive applicant experience will increase referrals to their connections. At the same time, a bad hiring experience can impact a company’s reputation due to the negative word of mouth. Want to be among the first type of companies? Here the 3 most common hiring mistakes you should avoid:

1. Lack of employment brand
Like we said on a recent post, your recruitment brand can be your best weapon to hire the best talent. Along with an appealing job description, your company’s hiring culture will be decisive for any candidate’s outlook of their hiring process. Therefore, make sure your employment culture is not only present on your job board but also on your interviews and throughout your hiring process. Many applicant tracking systems, like Osclass.com, allow you to create a branding page on your job board. This can be your first step towards building a strong employment brand.

2. Intricate application process
Passwords, endless contact forms, time-consuming application processes… All these can put spokes in your wheels when attracting the best talent. There is nothing bad about including some biases for attracting candidates but don’t make them too intricate or it can push them aside.

3. Forget to keep your candidate updated
Your candidates are understanding, especially when applying to a job that really appeals to them. But don’t forget that the longer you take to answer them, the higher the chance you’ll have lost their attention. First impressions are crucial, so try to answer their application rapidly with a detailed plan of how the hiring process will develop and in which steps. And remember to keep them updated throughout the hiring process about the evolution of their application. Many ATS like Osclass.com include automatic confirmation emails and applicant messaging. Useful tools like these can ease your recruiting process and help you make a good impression on your candidates.

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