New Facebook App!

Here it is, one of your most demanded features: Facebook App!
Now you can add your job listings to your Facebook page and attract the best candidates. has developed the first social app that enables you to publish your job listings and, unlike other recruiting services, it is completely free.

Want to know more? Read our tutorial.

Start here by accessing App store on Facebook. If you are manager of many Facebook Pages, choose the one where you want to install your app and publish your job offers.


If it doesn’t redirect you automatically, go to your Page profile, where you will find our “Careers” App. If you can’t see it, try clicking on the arrow to see more apps.


Click on the “Careers” app which will lead you to the following screen.


Now the app allows you these two options:

a) If you don’t have an job board, you can create your own easily and in few steps. Just click on “Sign up”, fill in the required fields and voilà! You now have your own job board which is also integrated on your Facebook Page.


b) If you already have an job board, you can easily import your job listings. Click on “Import your job offers into your site” and enter your domain name and Api key.
You can find your Api key on your job board’s admin panel, on Settings tab.


And there you have it! Your own job listings in your Facebook Page.


If one day you want to remove the “Careers” app from your page – let’s hope not – you can always go to the edit settings on your app and click on “Unistall App”.
If you reinstall it again, the app will still link to the job board you first installed, so it won’t be necessary for you repeat all the steps.
Screenshot 2014-04-17 13.13.41.png
Now, what are you wating for? Give it a try and start now boosting your recruiting potential

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