Recruitment brand: your best weapon to hire the best talent!


As we mentioned in our “Recruting myths series”, one of the main misconceptions in recruiting is the “post and pray” approach. Given the current labour market, posting a job listing and sitting and waiting for a barrage of candidates has no longer sense. The reason lies, among many other factors, in the idiosyncrasy of the emerging major labour force, the “millennials”, a generation of workers who are distinctively high tech-savvy.

Recruiters are aware that is no longer enough to post 2 company description paragraphs, 5 tasks and responsibilities and 5 more required skills. All this must be complemented with a solid recruitment brand campaign. A strong and efficient recruitment brand must attract the best candidates while answering them these questions:

  • What am I going to learn in this company?
  • What kind of work-life will bring me?
  • How will I be treated by my manager and team?
  • Which projects will I be involved in?

We must distinguish between recruitment brand or employer brand and consumers brand. Although both rely on company’s vision and culture, consumers brand is based on the definition of a product whereas employer brand is aimed to be a portrait of the company’s human capital. The former is responsibility of marketing department, whose goal is to trigger a sale amongst the largest number of people in the target. The latter is HR department’s duty and does not seek quantity but quality, get the optimum from the target.

While it is true that being a large company doesn’t always imply to have a powerful recruitment brand, it is undeniable that most of them are the best examples of recruiting brand strategies.According to Great Place to Work, Google received more than 1 million applicants in 2012. In this blog post from Recruiting Daily you can find a list with some of the most attractive companies in terms of recruitment brand.

Now you know how to start building your employer brand. Do you want to attract the best talent? Start by creating your own job board with Your first step towards finding the best candidates.

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