How do recruiters find me?


Have you ever received a call or an email from an unknown recruiter and wondered how on earth did they find you?
If you are a recruiter you may know how difficult is to find talent out there. And you may also know how overwhelming can be recruiting given the countless recruiting tools available.
Even if you are a recruiter or a job seeker, this article will bring light upon the most common techniques recruiters build their talent pool.

1. Job boards
As obvious as it may seem, application is still one of the main sources of candidates for recruiters. Therefore as a candidate you should not underestimate applications through company websites. Although it is true that most hirings don’t happen directly from applicant tracking systems it is also true that it is the first entrance gate to a company. Used in combination with other tools, HR softwares and ATS are a helpful first sieve and serve as the foundations of many recruitment processes.

2. Social Media
As you may have expected social media is essential to any recruiter. As a complement to job boards, there’s no secret that LinkedIn is the most popular social network for recruiters.We advise candidates to try and keep your data updated. Pay special attention to your writing as recruiters search profiles according to keywords, specially on LinkedIn. Try also to keep track of your many profiles in social networks and delete some if you notice you can’t afford managing all of them. Although recruiters tend to look up on largest social networks (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook) be careful on other social profiles you may have. You never know through which online profile they may find you!

3. Referrals
There’s a reason why you should take good care of your friendships and acquaintances and that is because recruiters tend to ask their current employees for referrals. It is a common trend on companies to reward referrals and trust on current employees advice for recruiting.

4. Databases
There’s no doubt that information is power, especially nowadays. Aware of that, recruiters have access to large resume databases which can help them targeting their candidate research to very specific profiles and skills.

5. Google Magic
Have you tried googling your name? You may be surprised on how many websites does your name appear, without you even knowing it. Check your online presence and make sure your name does not appear in the wrong sites while it does on those which they can sell your skills and work.


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