How to attract the best candidates with your job offers?

Publishing job offers is not yet the key to the success. Although the majority of recruiters might be happy with the feedback received, some of them always do better than others. And not always it’s due to the company and its brand. Stop a minute and thing whether you are really getting 100% of benefits Osclass job boards give you. Below you can find a short checklist to make sure you don’t miss any of them:

Is your job offer clear enough? 
You should know how to properly introduce your company to the applicants, explain their future roles and responsibility, there’s plenty of room on Osclass to get this information on your website! Nowadays, the candidates are not only interested in their responsibilities and skills needed to get the job, they want to know EVERYTHING: what the company and the working environment is like, whether there are extra benefits, trainings or maybe the possiblity to work in different offices worldwide, etc.

Do you already have a company profile? 
Dedicate few more minutes to get great results on your HR process through building a company profile. Tell the applicants the story of your company, share its culture and values, maybe you would like to show them around your office through some pictures or videos? Remember to keep your logo and adapt all the website to make your brand image present at all times!

Are you publishing your job offers in the right place? 
No worries about that anymore (if you already have your account on Osclass). By creating an account you create a website where all your job offers, company’s description are published. In this way, it’s all there in one place! We take care of the rest of the job – getting it in front of the candidates. Thanks to the partnership we have with the main search engines for jobs, we will get your job openings distributed for you.

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