Bad choices cost you money – learn to minimize the risk

Wrong choices during the recruitment process may cost you lots of money. It’s not only about the salary of your wrong candidate, but it’s mainly because of the hidden costs related to all the recruitment process, introduction to the company or lost possibilities related to other candidates in the process. And that’s where all the circle starts: due to the high rotation of your staff, you loose your customers’ loyalty, you might get lost important deals that doesn’t have written tracks, etc.

It’s important you deal with this risk at the beginning of a recruitment process. Your HR department might need to think out of the box and look for new channels to be implemented in your company. The latest tendency in e-recruitment are many softwares ATS (Applicant Tracking Systems). However, though many of them have free trail periods, they do require a bit of investment from your company. Osclass, that was born from the open source project, is absolutely free solution for your company. It will enable you to:

  • Minimize cost of recruitment with it’s free software;
  • Facilitate the process thanks to the user friendly backoffice and it’s availability 100% online;
  • Track candidates and facilitate contact with them;
  • Get the best candidates see your offers and apply easily with existing profiles;
  • Instant publishing of your offers;
  • Your own website with your logo, colours to improve your company’s image;
  • Initial tests and questions (thanks to “killer questions” feature);
  • And more!!!

Try it on your own now for free here.

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