How to add more users to your job board?

If you have more than one person in your HR department or there are other people involved in recruitment process at your company, this feature might be a good solution to have everything under control. Add new users to improve managing your website from your backoffice Dashboard → Users → Administrators → Add new. You have two options when giving access to your job board to more users:

  • Administrator (that has access to the entire admin panel)
  • Moderator (that can only view job offers and manage applicants)

You should introduce admin’s name, username (used when accessing the dashboard), email address and password (no worries, the admin can change it later on). As mentioned, you should also choose between administrator and moderator option. You can edit your data anytime and change your settings, for example: your email or password. You can also easily remove all the administrators and moderators of your classifieds website that you’ve created before by choosing “Delete”.

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