Why and how to use killer questions?

Last week we enabled the killer questions, a service that allows you to include an additional questionnaire for the candidates when applying for a job offer. If you still haven’t used them for your recruitment process, you should definitely dedicate a moment to understand better its benefits. Killer questions are designed to improve the recruitment process. By introducing them to a job offer you will be able to obtain more information about the applicants and what is more, filter them depending on their results.

You are able to set two types of killer questions: open questions where the users will have to introduce their answers (you will have to review all those questions and put the score yourself) and closed questions with predetermined answers (you can assign a score for them from 1 to 10 or if the applicant doesn’t meet your expectations, put “reject”). In this way, you can filter the candidates according to the information that is important for you.

Imagine you are looking for a Account Manager that speaks German. Thanks to killer questions, the candidates that apply to this job offer will have to answer the question: “Do you speak German?”. You might choose to have simply two answers “Yes” (that’s 10 score) and “No” (that’s reject).

Once you add the killer question in your admin dashboard, it will look like this:

killer questions

When you receive many CV, you will be able to filter easily all the candidates that have applied only for defined job offer, in this case: Account Manager, and display the profiles of those who speak German:

killer questions

Try out killer questions in your job board now!

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