Is social recruiting right for your company?

Social recruiting has already become a day-to-day reality for many companies. Social networks are an easy way to stay in touch with friends but have also become one of the best tools to find a job or find employees. Although HR process hasn’t changed in its essence, social recruiting might result crucial for you company depending on the profile of the candidates you have been looking for. There are many different forms and channels that your company should take into account.

Social recruiting is the process of sourcing or recruiting candidates through the social platforms. With job boards you can easily publish a job offer and then share it through social media channels, such as FacebookTwitterGoogle+. In this way, the job openings published on the company’s job board are visible to a large audience and can be easily shared among candidates. What is more, the candidates can apply with their already existing CV, for example on LinkedIn, without wasting time on registering and creating another profile.

Try it out right now for your company – get a personalized job board for free for your comapany. Start publishing job offers and share them with your community! Finding professionals is easier with job boards.

social recruiting

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