Improve efficiency of your job board

We would like to give you few tips in order to improve the efficiency of the job openings published on your job board. Apart from the corporate logo and colours, as well as other customization, you should bear in mind that it is important (or even the most important thing) to gather the right words for all the vacancies you publish.

Do your research and choose the right name for the vacancy, make it clear enough so the candidates can understand right away what it’s about. The candidates are used to certain names and job titles, try to use the most common names for your country, area or industry.

Clearly state what you are looking for: for the candidates, all offers are urgent and important – don’t waste time and space to add words like “urgent” or “important” in the job title. Do not add localization neither, as it can be seen in extra fields – there’s no need to say the same thing twice, isn’t it? Avoid abbreviations (not to be misunderstood) and be careful with orthography – job openings that are bad written do not give the best image about the company. Don’t use capital letters – there’s no need to shout at your applicants.

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