How to manage the applications in your job board?

The main benefit of corporate job board is that they allow you to easily publish all the vacancies available in your company, as well as manage all the applications and resumes. With Osclass job boards, you can easily publish all the vacancies and manage all the applications from your dashboard, you do not need any additional places to gather all the CV as all the information will be saved in your dashboard. To manage the application received you have few different filters you might want to use, for example: candidates’ age, sex, email address, view unread applications, interviewed, etc. Just access your Dashboard and go to Applicants section. To see all the filters you just have to click on “Show filters” and choose the one you want to apply.

filter candidate in your job board

You have also the possibility to rate candidates by using “stars” while viewing their profiles and filter all the application according to the prior ratings.

job board rating candidates

Above all the applications you will find four buttons to have a quick access to filter the candidates according to the candidates’ status: unread, active, interviewed, rejected or hired.

Status candidates

You can also add your personal notes to the resumes received, add comments related to the applicants profiles or your feedback after interviews, reasons for reject candidates, etc. You can learn more about this feature here.

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