Can recruiting software make recruiters life easier?

It is one of mottos to provide any recruiter with an intuitive and easy-to-manage software, regardless of their technical skills. From our point of view, recruiting software doesn’t need to be addressed solely to those profiles with some technical knowledge.  As hiring processes tend to involve professionals from diverse backgrounds, we at believe that recruiting softwares must seek to make recruiters’ life easier; optimising their time, efforts and, foremost, their economic investment.  This is why we also aim to meet recruiters needs as we provide with a 100% free and online platform, to help maximise every part of their recruiting investment. Furthermore, the most recent researches can only confirm this fact; recruiters don’t only embrace and appreciate recruiting software, but also feel significantly benefitted from recruiting technology.

According to a recent research carried out by Software Advice, the majority of recruiters declared recruiting technology was significantly important in the daily performance of their jobs. Almost all recruiters polled for this research (approximately 100) noted they had very little difficulties learning to use recruiting software. Indeed, most of them perceived recruiting softwares as fairly easy to learn.

Importance of Recruiting Technology for High Job Performance

Source: Software Advice

In addition, of recruiters who did not use recruiting technology or software, 50 percent noted that a limited budget was an extremely significant obstacle to adoption. Executive director of Recruiting Daily, Matt Charney, noted that many recruiters think the only available free technology is social media, which can be extremely time-consuming for the uninitiated. However, there is a large variety of options available for any type of budget. We at are proud to say we are one of the few 100% free and online recruiting softwares with the same features as other payment softwares. Besides to this, we also provide our most demanding users with premium services in order to gave more visibility to job listings and improve their brand.

So, efficient and intuitive recruiting softwares are no longer a chimera. Whether you are a small start-up or a big company, you can find the most suitable recruiting technology, which will not only be easy to use but will certainly improve your key performance indicators.

Research by Software Advice:
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Not just another “How to nail your job interview”

Being different,taking risky,bold move for success in life

We’ve just read an article by CEO and Human Workplace founder, Liz Ryan, entitled “The five deadliest job interview mistakes” and just loved it! In plain and direct words, Liz gives great advice for job seekers on job interviews. According to this article, these are the five most common and harmful interview mistakes. Take good note!

1. Remember the basics
As typical and repetitive as it may sound, research about your future employer is a key task prior your job interview. Get informed but avoid studying and repeating the lesson like a schoolboy/girl in front of your interviewer. Try to understand the business current situation and you’ll likely answer more spontaneously and appropriately.

2. Ask!
If you do your research well, questions will pop out in your head. Don’t be afraid to ask questions related to your job position, company’s future perspectives, goals,etc. Here is a list of 10 questions to ask in an interview that may call your interviewer’s attention.

3. Electric sheep
Liz compares a job interview to a citizenship exam. Only that a job interview is just the opposite. While in the first one everybody who answers the same question to the same answer, will get the citizenship, in a job interview, just one candidate will pass “the exam”. So forget about what the user manual or the “How to pass a job interview” article says. If you stick to the script, you are bound to be forgotten after you leave the job interview.  The last thing you want is to sound like everyone else. Be yourself, stand out from the rest and leave an impression to an employer who has to remember you among a sea of tens of applicants.

4. Take it easy
Leave your fear behind. It is easier to say than to do but fear can lead you to hide your true personality, to be ashamed of who you are, even to underestimate you and feel inferior to your manager. This can lead to an image of insecurity. So take a deep breath and react like in a normal conversation, honest and confident.

5. Don’t hide!
Liz compares a job interview to a date. The point is not to please the other person but to discover how you fit together. Therefore, do not think on why should they hire you but why should you work for them.

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Three job interviewers’ tricky questions

Job interview

Congratulations! You have been shortlisted among the fortunate ones to get an interview. Now your mind is already travelling back and forth trying to imagine which questions will pop up when you sit down in front of the job interviewer. Don’t let your fear and imagination turn the job interviewer into an inquisitor ogre. But don’t be naive. Job interviewers will not only question you about your LinkedIn profile but also will try to verify if you’re the right match for their vacancy. Feel confident, but be prepared. Here are three questions that job interviewers may use to try to trip you up. And here we tell you how – and how not – to answer these questions.

1. In what areas do you think this company can improve?
(– You’re the most perfect and flawless company I’ve ever seen. Will you marry me?)
Avoid unnecessary compliments or destructive criticism. Demonstrate that you’ve done your homework and made some research about the company and its professional sector. You can try and suggest them to open to new market areas or to try and release new features similar and better than their competitors.

2. Which is your main weakness?
( – Weakn…what? I’m sorry, that doesn’t come up in my dictionary.)
This question is obviously designed not to expect honesty but to see how candidates can come up with a smart answer on the spot. “I’m a little bit perfectionist.” It’s a classic. Try and refer to challenges you found on the past and how you turn them into success (another tricky question you may find, by the way). Explain how you achieved success by overcoming difficulties and learning from your weaknesses.

3. I see that you didn’t work for six months last year. What did you do in that time?
( – Taking some rest! I was so tired of working! )
Even if you travelled around the world, give an answer that highlights the life experience that you learned and that you could apply to this particular role.

Other tips: Beware! Some job interviewers might ask you to take a look at your social profiles. Visit your social profiles and carefully remove those pictures that could compromise you.

Do you want to share your own experience? Tell us which are the most tricky questions you have encountered in an job interview and what do you think was (or should have been) the best answer.  


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3 most common hiring mistakes


There is a lot of literature devoted to how candidates should behave in an interview or during the whole hiring process. But what if we take a look at the other side of the coin? Many companies fail to take care of the candidate’s hiring experience. As many surveys show, a positive applicant experience will increase referrals to their connections. At the same time, a bad hiring experience can impact a company’s reputation due to the negative word of mouth. Want to be among the first type of companies? Here the 3 most common hiring mistakes you should avoid:

1. Lack of employment brand
Like we said on a recent post, your recruitment brand can be your best weapon to hire the best talent. Along with an appealing job description, your company’s hiring culture will be decisive for any candidate’s outlook of their hiring process. Therefore, make sure your employment culture is not only present on your job board but also on your interviews and throughout your hiring process. Many applicant tracking systems, like, allow you to create a branding page on your job board. This can be your first step towards building a strong employment brand.

2. Intricate application process
Passwords, endless contact forms, time-consuming application processes… All these can put spokes in your wheels when attracting the best talent. There is nothing bad about including some biases for attracting candidates but don’t make them too intricate or it can push them aside.

3. Forget to keep your candidate updated
Your candidates are understanding, especially when applying to a job that really appeals to them. But don’t forget that the longer you take to answer them, the higher the chance you’ll have lost their attention. First impressions are crucial, so try to answer their application rapidly with a detailed plan of how the hiring process will develop and in which steps. And remember to keep them updated throughout the hiring process about the evolution of their application. Many ATS like include automatic confirmation emails and applicant messaging. Useful tools like these can ease your recruiting process and help you make a good impression on your candidates.

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New feature! Download your CVs with a couple of clicks!

Do you want to keep all your CVs in your computer? Now with you can download and store your applicants’ CVs with a couple of clicks.
How? You can do it from the applicants area in your admin panel. You can choose whether you want to download all your CVs or to filter and download just some of them.


All your CVs will be downloaded in a .zip file.

Start now enjoying our new feature!

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New Facebook App!

Here it is, one of your most demanded features: Facebook App!
Now you can add your job listings to your Facebook page and attract the best candidates. has developed the first social app that enables you to publish your job listings and, unlike other recruiting services, it is completely free.

Want to know more? Read our tutorial.

Start here by accessing App store on Facebook. If you are manager of many Facebook Pages, choose the one where you want to install your app and publish your job offers.


If it doesn’t redirect you automatically, go to your Page profile, where you will find our “Careers” App. If you can’t see it, try clicking on the arrow to see more apps.


Continue reading

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Recruitment brand: your best weapon to hire the best talent!


As we mentioned in our “Recruting myths series”, one of the main misconceptions in recruiting is the “post and pray” approach. Given the current labour market, posting a job listing and sitting and waiting for a barrage of candidates has no longer sense. The reason lies, among many other factors, in the idiosyncrasy of the emerging major labour force, the “millennials”, a generation of workers who are distinctively high tech-savvy.

Recruiters are aware that is no longer enough to post 2 company description paragraphs, 5 tasks and responsibilities and 5 more required skills. All this must be complemented with a solid recruitment brand campaign. A strong and efficient recruitment brand must attract the best candidates while answering them these questions:

  • What am I going to learn in this company?
  • What kind of work-life will bring me?
  • How will I be treated by my manager and team?
  • Which projects will I be involved in?

We must distinguish between recruitment brand or employer brand and consumers brand. Although both rely on company’s vision and culture, consumers brand is based on the definition of a product whereas employer brand is aimed to be a portrait of the company’s human capital. The former is responsibility of marketing department, whose goal is to trigger a sale amongst the largest number of people in the target. The latter is HR department’s duty and does not seek quantity but quality, get the optimum from the target.

While it is true that being a large company doesn’t always imply to have a powerful recruitment brand, it is undeniable that most of them are the best examples of recruiting brand strategies.According to Great Place to Work, Google received more than 1 million applicants in 2012. In this blog post from Recruiting Daily you can find a list with some of the most attractive companies in terms of recruitment brand.

Now you know how to start building your employer brand. Do you want to attract the best talent? Start by creating your own job board with Your first step towards finding the best candidates.

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Make the most of your internship!

Business handshake

Congratulations! You’ve been accepted for an internship in a company you really like. It seems like a dream come true and you couldn’t be more proud of yourself. But after this boost of self-esteem and excitement, questions and fears begin to lump together. “I have no idea what to do next!”, “Will I be prepared for the job?”, “Will there be a chance to be hired afterwards?”. Before you get a really nasty headache, let us be your aspirin. To take in five small doses:

1. Don’t be extremely demanding of yourself
This may be your first job and you want give your best, it’s understandable. However, you should try to pace yourself. Combine the energy boost coming from motivation with the right dose of prudence. Hard work shouldn’t mean skipping meals or sleeping few hours. Be demanding of yourself but realistic about your current skills and abilities. And remember the saying, “don’t compare your beginning with someone else’s middle”.

2. Follow the company rules
Respect the company rules regarding dress code, breaks, work entry/exit times, etc. You may feel like you’re acting like a naive newbie, while others continuously subvert these rules. But, remember, confidence is hard to get and only when you’ve gained the trust of your managers and coworkers, you may be able to break some rules.

3. Don’t waste your time
One of the most common complaints from interns is the lack of work. Bear in mind that, ultimately, you are the main responsible for making your internship a rewarding experience. If you’re done with your daily tasks, be proactive and ask your managers for more. Also, try to learn as much as you can about your company (structure, history, departments, functioning) or about your field, by reading articles and researching competitors.

4. Leave your footprint
Your internship may last a few weeks or months so make the most of that time to leave a good impression. Wise interns know that having a good relationships with your colleagues can be seeds for future job opportunities, not only in this company but in your field. So try to make good contacts and don’t be afraid to ask for advice on the labour market or for future recommendations.

5. Do not fear mistakes
We are all afraid of making mistakes on our first job. Don’t let fear paralyze you. Embrace failure, be self-indulgent, apologize and learn from it.

And, above all, enjoy your internship!

Here are some examples of internships posted in the UK. Apply now!

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5 resume rules to ignore

typing female hands

“It takes me 30 minutes write my CV and only one for recruiters to reject it”.

If you’ve found yourself lately saying this, maybe you should be asking yourself what could you do to catch recruiters’ attention in your CV for more than 1 minute. Here are some advices that you may keep reading over and over again, recycled in many ways in endless decalogues of “the good candidate”.

1. Wildcard CV
It’s tempting and we know it, to send the same CV to all job offers, given the scarce time recruiters use to devote to reading candidates’ CVs. But, think about it, would you sent the same Easter card to your mother and your partner? If you want to reach recruiter’s heart you should adjust your CV to each job offer, even when it comes to similar job positions.

2. Use the same words
To hit the bull’s eye, words are  your main weapon to aim at the target. Use them to match the minimum requirements stated in the ad. Be subtle and don’t just copy word by word the job description. Try and use synonyms and you will increase your chances not only in front of recruitment softwares, which tend to pick candidates according to certain keywords, but you will also stand out in front of recruiter’s human eye, as they will give a more natural tone to your CV. As we  mentioned in previous articles, keywords are the chore of ATS (Applicant Tracking System) and recruitment software selection processes, but they also play a key role in social media, specially in LinkedIn. Continue reading

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How do recruiters find me?


Have you ever received a call or an email from an unknown recruiter and wondered how on earth did they find you?
If you are a recruiter you may know how difficult is to find talent out there. And you may also know how overwhelming can be recruiting given the countless recruiting tools available.
Even if you are a recruiter or a job seeker, this article will bring light upon the most common techniques recruiters build their talent pool.

1. Job boards
As obvious as it may seem, application is still one of the main sources of candidates for recruiters. Therefore as a candidate you should not underestimate applications through company websites. Although it is true that most hirings don’t happen directly from applicant tracking systems it is also true that it is the first entrance gate to a company. Used in combination with other tools, HR softwares and ATS are a helpful first sieve and serve as the foundations of many recruitment processes.

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